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Don't be one of the sheep! This site is owned by holiday home owners and small villa managers if you book directly you will save £££$$$€€€ and lose nothing. 

Don't fall for the big flashy adverts! Thats not your holiday! Your holiday will be in one of these cared for holiday homes. If you want to pay a lot more follow the sheep and you will get shorn or come directly to the owners or small resort managers who know the homes and know the area.  

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Who we are.

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Karen Miles-Bearman is a dedicated holiday home manager with more than two decades of experience in providing top-notch vacations to her guests in Chiclana. Over the years, she has witnessed many positive changes in the industry, including improved regulations that ensure the safety and satisfaction of holidaymakers. However, like many others in the business, Karen remains skeptical about the benefits of travel comparison websites for holiday home rentals. Despite their popularity, she believes that such platforms bring little value to the industry and can even be detrimental to the overall experience of guests. Email

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I retired to Chiclana back in 2005 after running a successful e-commerce website for many years. In 2007, I wrote Karen's first website, which was Costa Luz Holiday Villas. I strongly believe that holiday makers should have the best experience at the best price, which is why I encourage them to go straight to holiday home owners and their managers instead of relying on travel comparison websites that only add to the cost. My goal is to make Spain Direct known to those who matter - the holiday makers and the holiday home owners. It's time for everyone to get a fair deal. Email

Billions spent on pay per click advertisng 

What's cheapest?
Generally, accommodation rental companies have a reputation for being cheaper than traditional options due to guests not paying for on-site staff.

This is nearly always true if there is more than a couple of adults needing several rooms.

Airbnb and other sites like Bookiplay and Vrbro add a lot of money on to the booking to pay for advertising.
But a study conducted by Which? has found that, on average, hotels beat Airbnb on price.

The consumer group compared the cost of thousands of hotel rooms with 300,000 one-bed listings on popular accommodation rental websites across 13 destinations in the UK and 37 across the rest of the world.

"For larger groups that need more rooms and space, private rentals are still likely to beat hotels on price."


If you want a good price go straight to the holiday home owner or the hotel. 

The Pay per Click Bidding War is adding Hundreds of ££££€€€€'s to the price of accomodation.

When it comes to the travel industry, it's important for both holiday makers and holiday home owners to consider what value they are getting for their money.

Unfortunately, some companies in this field simply add cost without providing any real benefits. These companies often dominate the top search engine positions by paying exorbitant amounts for sponsored adverts. However, if users are willing to scroll down a bit, they can often find providers of holiday accommodation who offer better value for their money.

There is no need for these middle men who add costs the holiday maker has to pay.

Keep in mind that the cost of PPC ads can vary depending on the keywords being bid on. On average, the cost per click for PPC ads on Google is around £1.95p ($2.50), while Bing's CPC is approximately £1.25p ($1.65)2. Additionally, the travel industry is known for paying higher ad rates, with an average cost per thousand impressions of $19.893.

Time to take back our business!

We want to give our clients the best holiday experience and adding €786 to a family holiday does not fit in with our ethics. What extra does Airb&b and the others give the holidaymakers and holiday home owners? All they do is point them in our direction. Not value for money. We can change that!

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